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Doctor’s Choice Bulk King Advanced Mass and Weight Gainer – 1 Kg

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More protein and more calories are required to develop those gigantic shoulders and biceps. People wanting to gain weight do not receive enough nutrients just from food alone and thus have a tough time to achieve the desired body. BULKING is one of the finest gainers launched by Doctor’s Choice specifically for those who experience difficulties to gain weight and bulk up quickly. It provides 1244 kcal energy 60 g of protein and 250g of carbs when mixed with 900ml- l L of water and will keep you satiated. It contains MCT Oil, which increases appetite and makes it simpler to consume the additional calories required to gain weight quickly. Bulking can be consumed as a Post workout meal as it is a high-calorie bodybuilding shake with adequate amount of carbohydrates, high quality muscle building protein, creatine, and glutamine to accelerate your muscle growth.

Benefits Of Bulk King Advanced Mass and Weight Gainer

Healthy Weight Gain

It has high-quality protein for developing muscle, promoting healthy weight gain in the right places.

Calorie Dense Fuel

It contains a well-balanced amount of glutamine, creatine, carbs, and high-quality protein for muscle growth.

Added MCT Oil

MCT Oil increases hunger hormones which leads to increased appetite.

Rich in Macronutrients

It contains all necessary macronutrients, which aid in rapid lean muscle growth and instant energy.

Contains digestive Enzymes

Bulking is easy to digest and metabolize as it is infused with special digestive enzymes and dietary fiber, making it easy on the stomach.

Healthy and Safe

It does not contain Corn Syrup Solids, Dextrose or Sucrose and hence it is completely safe to take it.

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